Learning to Lucid Dream – Day 16: First Lucid Dream!

I had my first lucid dream this morning!

If you could call it that. I don’t remember all that much, I was only able to write 3 lines in my dream journal.

I remember becoming lucid in my dream and turning to a dream character and excitedly saying: “I think I’m dreaming!”

“Yeah, duh” the dream character responded and looked at me like I was crazy.

It was like if you were with a friend at a restaurant and you turned to him and excitedly claimed “we’re at the Olive Garden!”. It’s obvious and a weird thing to say to somebody and they wouldn’t know how to react.

But that’s about it. I know there was more. It felt like the dream lasted about 10 minutes but I don’t remember anything else to add to my dream journal.

I’ve been having a hard time remembering my dreams for the past couple of days so it doesn’t surprise me that I am having a hard time remembering what else happened.

It makes you wonder, how many lucid dreams have we had that go forgotten? We have 4-6 dreams a night and usually don’t remember any of them, it’s likely that we’ve had lucid dreams before but we never realize it.

So it’s not much, but I’m still counting it as my first lucid dream.

Now I need to get better at dream recall so that I can remember more from my next lucid dream.

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