Learning Lucid Dreaming: Day 10 – Mindfulness

I’ve found an unexpected benefit on day 10 of learning to lucid dream.

Surprisingly, I feel more mindful and present in my everyday life. My anxiety is down and I feel calm and clear.

Being mindful and managing my anxiety is something that I have been working on for years. Some periods in my life are better than others.

I usually go several weeks (or more) of being mindful and in a pleasant mood and then I’ll lose it for a bit.

I seem to be in a very mindful period at the moment.

I have a few theories as to what is causing this period of mindfulness:

1 – It’s a coincidence

Like I said, I naturally have periods of mindfulness that come and go throughout my life. It’s possible that I’m in a wave of mindfulness right now and I’m falsely attributing it to learning to lucid dream when it could be something else.

2 – Reality Checks

An interesting possibility is that reality checks could be helping to make me more present.

A big part of learning to lucid dream is doing reality checks throughout the day.

You’re supposed to look around and get a sense (mentally & physically) of your environment.

You want to feel and understand reality so that when you’re not in reality (aka: dreaming) you recognize it.

I’ve noticed that these reality checks are similar to being present and “in-the-moment” preached by Eastern philosophies and self help books.

When I do reality checks it forces me to be in the moment, in a practical, purposeful and concrete way which is easier for me than trying to be in the moment by just “focusing on my breath”.

3 – Curiosity about dreams

Another possibly is that the curiosity and excitement of learning to lucid dream is improving my mood. The idea that lucid dreaming is actually possible to learn is exciting.

This excitement could be improving my mood.

How about you?

Have you noticed a mood shift when you started to learn lucid dreaming?

I haven’t found any stories online about mood changes when learning to lucid dream and I’d love to hear if anyone else has the same experience.

Leave a comment below if so.

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