Learn as I learn: A Lucid Dreaming Introduction

My goal for 2019 is to learn to lucid dream.

I’m going to blog about my journey into lucid dreaming along the way. Then I can hold myself accountable and provide a detailed roadmap of my personal journey in case it helps anyone else looking to learn to lucid dream from scratch.

Why do I want to lucid dream?

My main reason at this point is curiosity. I’ve been doing a lot of research into lucid dreaming lately and there are countless (very) exciting stories from other lucid dreamers.

It sounds like you can do almost anything you can imagine in a dream – I can visit Hogwarts, practice public speaking in a safe environment, fly, talk to my higher-self and boost my creativity.

Of course, I’ve never lucid dreamed (or is it drempt?), so I don’t know any of this from first-hand experience, just from some things I’ve read online.

Where I’m at now

I’m starting at the very beginning – I’ve never lucid dreamed and it feels like I don’t dream all that often.

Before doing my initial research, I would have said that I don’t dream very often.

After doing the research, I know that I do have several dreams a night (just like everyone else) – my issue is remembering them. Every few weeks I’ll have a dream that’ll stand out enough for me to remember the next day. But for the most part I don’t remember my dreams.

My Plan

My current plan is just a starting point. I’m sure it’s going to change a lot as I continue on my journey – I’ll blog about my changes as I go.

My current plan is to do the following:

1 – Realize lucid dreaming is a lifestyle change

Becoming a lucid dreamer isn’t something that is going to happen overnight. It’s going to take time and effort in order to be successful.

A lot of people hear about lucid dreaming and think that they can easily learn to do it. Then they get frustrated and give up when they are not successful after several days.

It’s important to keep in mind that this is going to be a lifestyle change. It’s sort of like learning a new language. You’re not going to learn German over a couple of days. You’d have to constantly practice, internalize, and make the language a part of your life everyday to become fluent.

And it’s the same way with lucid dreaming – it’s going to be a lifestyle change.

2 – Keep a dream journal

I need to get in touch and better remember my dreams. I could of had a lucid dream last night, but if I don’t remember it, what’s the point?

A dream journal is the best way to improve your memory of your dreams. It’s also good for recognizing patters in your dreams and becoming more in-touch with the dream world.

I’m not quite sure yet how I’m going to log my dreams, but I have a few options that I’m going to experiment with: typing them out on my phone, making audio recordings on my phone, or the old-fashioned way: writing with a pen and paper.

I’ll experiment with all of the different options to find the one that works best for me.

3 – Do reality checks

I’m also going to start doing reality checks during the day. It’s important to start questioning reality to see if you’re currently in a dream or not. This is part of that lifestyle change I talked about earlier: you’ll have to make questioning reality a habit.

The idea behind reality checks is that you’ll make checking reality a habit, and that habit will eventually transfer over into your dreams. Ultimately, you’ll do a reality check in your dream and realize you’re dreaming and become lucid.

There are a bunch of different reality checks that you can do. The one I’m going to incorporate into my life is where you try to push your index finger on your right hand through your left palm.

If you’re dreaming, your finger will go right through your palm. So hopefully if I do this enough in my everyday life, eventually I’ll start doing this in my dreams, my finger will go through my palm, and I’ll become lucid.

Right now, I’m doing this reality check constantly, every time I think about lucid dreaming (which several times an hour).

There are other reality checks if this one doesn’t resonate with you. Look up some other ones to find a check that does. (Another check that seems popular is to plug your nose and then try breathing, if you’re dreaming you’ll be able to breath even though your nose is plugged).

Future Plans

I’m going to be flexible with my plans and goals for lucid dreaming. I totally expect the above list to be different a month or two from now. This is to just get started.

During this year-long experiment I may try some other techniques, like lucid dreaming goggles and/or lucid dreaming supplements. But I’ll decide on those in the future. At this point, they seem like a gimmick for people who don’t realize this is a lifestyle change.

I’m totally okay with trying them, but the googles are expensive and the reviews aren’t great, and I don’t want to depend on supplements to lucid dream – so we’ll see.


That’s my intro to lucid dreaming. I’ll post regular updates along the way.

Hopefully I’ll be regularly having lucid dreams by the end of 2019. Happy New Year!

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