Learn As I Learn Lucid Dreaming – Day 20: Dream Recall Tips

I’ve been doing fantastically good with dream recall the past couple of days.

I remembered 3 dreams yesterday and 4 today. Not just fragments of dreams but full long scenes expanding for a long duration.

I’ve been making sure to get 7.5 hours of sleep and I think it’s paying off.

For the past two mornings I reached for my phone to record my dreams and found myself writing for 20 minutes, frantically pouring out my dream memories as fast as I could before I forgot anything.

When I first started on day 1, I wasn’t sure how I was going to record my dreams. I ended up moving my phone next to my bed and sending myself an email with my dream memories for the morning. Then, later when I get to my desk I copy and paste the email into a file in Evernote.

I tried putting the file directly into Evernote, but it’s just easier to email it to myself rather than go through the process in Evernote, plus it forces me to review the memories later in the day.

A few tips I’ve found so far for dream recall:

  • Find a process that works for you – Experiment and try different ways of recording your dreams. Maybe you email it to yourself on your phone. Maybe you use a pen and paper. Maybe you draw pictures or make a voice recording.
  • Don’t move – do your best not to move or open your eyes when you first wake up until you remember some of your dream.
  • Then change positions – After you’ve tried not moving, try changing positions, even if you can’t remember anything by not moving. If you’re on your back, roll to your right side. If you’re on your right side, try your left side. It’s amazing how changing positions will bring in a flood of new memories.
  • Review your dream journal entry later in the day – I review my morning notes later in the day when I get to my desk. This helps me keep the dreams fresh in my head, and it also allows me to add more detail that I couldn’t add when I was groggily rushing to get everything down in the morning.
  • Write in the first person – Write your memories as if they’re happening in the first person. It seems to help them flow better.
  • Go quick and don’t let yourself fall back asleep – Time is of the essence, your memories will fade before you know it.
  • Don’t let yourself get too discouraged – (Easier said than done, I know) some days you’ll remember a ton and other days you won’t remember anything. On the days you can’t remember anything you’ll get discouraged. Just make an effort to try each morning. As long as you try to remember each morning you’ll be making progress.
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